Bracelet Chrome-plated Brass and Elastic | Push & Pull Collection.

Diameter 60mm thickness 6mm (apox.)

Bracelet | Chrome

SKU: PL600
    1. Funny, versatility and colourful, these bracelets have been created thinking about dynamic and active people, who like to use color, brightness and contrast in their everyday life.

    The Push & Pull bracelets in metal and elastic are available in a wide variety of colours. They have an innovative and easy-to-use opening system that adapts to any wrist.

    The reason these bracelets are in chrome-plated brass is due to the fact that it does not oxidize, allowing for daily use and maintaining the silver look for a longer time.

    Special care: do not get wet and do not submit to excessive heat, these two factors can damage the elastic.

    Dimensions: ø 60mm x 6mm (apox.)

    Weight: 15g (approx.).