Feel what surrounds me is the starting point for my inspiration.

SB Jewellery® is a Portuguese brand created by Susana Barbosa, in the jewellery area. All the jewels are developed by her, who has a degree in Jewellery at ESAD Design College of Arts and Glasgow School of Arts.
The Jewels of SB Jewellery® have as a starting point simple forms, complemented with different elements, which result from the conjugation of various materials, obtaining original forms. The pieces are minimalistic but with a strong identity. and contemporaneity.
Color, comfort, versatility and quality are characteristics present in this brand, resulting from a creative process that involves research and experimentation.

“Life is a daily learning. I move away from chaos and follow a simple thought: The more simple, the better! ”

José Saramago

Susana Barbosa Jewellery